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Elizabeth Day is represented by Conny Dietzschold Gallery



2006 Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Cologne
2004 Conny Dietzscold Gallery, Sydney (with Daniele Buetti)
Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Cologne
Tin Sheds Gallery, University of Sydney, notes on the castle, with catalogue notes by Ann Finnigan
MOP Gallery, Sydney, The Spat Out Ones
2003 Northern Territory University Gallery, Darwin
2002 Conny Dietzscshold Gallery, Sydney
2000 CAST, Hobart, View from Sixty-Third Floor
1999 Object Gallery, Centre for Contemporary Craft, The Woolly Bully Project
1998 Artspace, View from the Sixty Third Floor
Selected to propose work for The City of Sydney Sculpture Walk
1996 Casula Powerhouse, The Destiny of Objects
1994 First Draft, Sydney
1993 Canberra Contemporary Artspace, Shadow
1992 Selenium, Sydney
Dooley Le Cappellaine Gallery, 252 Lafayette Street, New York
1990 Greene Street Studio, Greene Street, New York
Window, Erskine Street, Sydney
1986 Artspace, Sydney, A Work As Yet Untitled


2007 Breaking Pattern, curated by Judith Duquemin, Carnegie Gallery Hobart.
Change in the Weather, a Southern Response curated by Jaqueline Bosscher, Norie Neumark and Maria Miranda, UTS Gallery Sydney
For Matthew and Others, Melbourne
A Lucky Country 2, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery
2006 Arts Fair, Cologne, Conny Dietzschold Gallery
Casula Powerhouse, We are Australians Too, curated by Nick Tsoutas, Artistic Director.
Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award finalist
For Matthew and Others, a Journey into Schizophrenia curated by Dinah Dysart, Anne Loxley, Nick Waterlow, Campbelltown Regional Gallery
Post Cronulla, Difference Show, curated by Ron and George Adams, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery
The Exquisite Corpse Show, Pelaton, Sydney curated by Tracey Clement
Affordable Art Fair, Melbourne
2005 Hobart Summer Festival, Dockworks
Cross Arts Projects, Sydney, Conceptual Crochet
Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, Shangri-La, A MARIA CRUZ PROJECT
Artspace, Sydney, Shangri-La, A MARIA CRUZ PROJECT, catalogue notes by Anne Finnigan
2004 Mellbourne Art Fair, Conny Dietschold Gallery installation
Australia Council, Sydney, notebook exhibition, with catalogue notes by Duncan Fairfax
2002 Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Bond Store, Solar Circuit, Wild Show
Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney, Sculpture
Boutwell Draper Gallery, Briefcase Gallery Show
Conny Dietzschold, Multiple Box Show
Freespace Window, Sydney
Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney, Text, Art Multiple
2001 Hamburg, Germany, Sunburn, curated by Anita Fricek
Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney
2000 Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, SYDNEY!VIENNA!, curated by Anita Fricek
Sculpture by the Sea, Tasmania
1998 Performance Space, Wardrobe, curated by Anne Graham
Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Wardrobe
Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Wardrobe
SOUTH Gallery, Sydney, Homemade, an exhibition of artist’s furniture
SOUTH Gallery, Sydney, The Notebook Show, an exhibition of notebooks, curated by myself.
Wollongong City Gallery, Sydney, Artists Against Racism
SOUTH Gallery, Sydney, The Glovebox Show
1997 Performance Space, Thin Skin, curated by Anne Graham
SOUTH Gallery, Sydney, Pillow Talk
SOUTH Gallery, Sydney, PIN
SOUTH Gallery, Sydney, The Lite Show
1997 CBD Fundraiser.
1996 Pendulum Gallery, Sydney, Disintoxication, a collaboration with Christopher Dean
Viaduct Exhibition travelling to Regional Galleries N.S.W.
Participant in Compression 100, collaboration with performance artists Tess de Quincey and Stuart Lynch
1995 The Viaduct Project, Annandale, Sydney.
Participant in Matters for Judgement, a video document by Christopher Dean and Anne Loxley. Artspace.
Particle Gallery, Sydney, Textura, curated by Christopher Dean
1994 Penrith, Nepean Arthaus, Hearing Sights, Seeing Sounds, an exhibition with Foundation Studies staff members of U.W.S.
1993 Performance Space, Sydney, SHIFT, an exhibition with Anne Ferran and Liz Coats.
1992 The Catacombs, Sydney. An exhibition with Margaret Roberts, Rose Ann McGreevy and Barbara Halnan.
First Draft West.
1991 Frames of Reference, Dissonance: Aspects of Feminism and Art, curated by Sally Couacaud, Sydney.
Performance Space, Sydney, A Correspondence, an exhibition with Frances Joseph
1990 Gallery Constantinople, Canberra, Once in a Blue Moon
Photospace, Canberra School of Art, Canberra
1989 Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australian Perspecta
Chameleon Gallery, Hobart, Called by Name of, an exhibition with Fiona Gunn, Frances Joseph and Belinda Holland.
Tin Sheds, University of Sydney, Environmental Exhibition
Artspace, Sydney, Symphisis in Extremis, a collaborative exhibition with Frances Joseph,
1988 Artspace, Sydney, The Prison Show, an exhibition of work by staff and inmates of N.S.W. gaols
First Draft, Sydney, Called by Name of
Australian Centre of Photography, Sydney, Anti-Bicentennial Show
Pier 5, Sydney, Postgraduate Exhibition,
1987 First Draft, Sydney, Deception, an exhibition with Melody Cruickshank, Anne Ferran and Mandy Smith
1985 Manly Regional Art Gallery, Sydney, The Selection Show, curated by Anthony Bond
Chameleon Gallery, Hobart, Two Bodies, an exhibition with Rosemary Laing
Avago Gallery, Sydney, Torso,
1984 Artspace, Sydney, Given Space
Performance Space, Sydney, The Sculpture Show
Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney, The Graduate Exhibition
1983 Art Unit, Sydney


2007 Cataloue Essay by Judith Duquemin, Breaking Pattern.
Catalogue essay by Jaqueline Bosscher, Change in the Weather
2006 Dale Kift, Dillwynia Garden Project The Bulletin, Department of Corrective Services Magazine
catalogue essay, by Anne Loxley for Matthew and Others, a Journey into Schizophrenia
Photofile, profile on Notebook Project edited by Sarah Goffman and Elvis Richardson
2004 Ann Finnegan, ‘notes on the castle’, LIVES OF THE ARTISTS
Jasmine Stephens, Conceptual Crochet
Christopher Dean, room notes for Conceptual Crochet
2003 Ann Finnigan, catalogue notes for Shangri-La Collective, Artspace
2001 View work, The Immateriality of Sense, by Duncan Fairfax, CAST Gallery
1999 Australian Art Collector, Patrick Crogan on the work of Elizabeth.Day
1998 Lost in Space: Elizabeth Day’s View from the Sixty Third Floor, by Patrick Crogan, Artspace publication
Review of the Destiny of Objects, by Bruce Dawes, Radio National, May
1996 Review of the Destiny of Objects, by Melissa Chiu, Art in Australia (summer)
Notes for artist’s book Irridescent Web, by Christopher Deans
NAVA, Directory of Public Artists
Review of Disintoxication by Patrick Crogan Eyeline, August 1996
1995 ‘Any Old Jumpers?’, Catalogue notes for the Viaduct Project by Christopher Dean
1993 Canberra Times, Sonia Barren
White Columns Archive , Arts Council of America
Agenda, ‘Notes on New Tracks in an Old House’ by Anne MacDonald, February
Agenda, ‘The Subject in Question’ by Diane Loesche, November 1991-January
Australian Encyclopaedia of Artists
NAVA Who’s Who of Women Artists
1992 Eyeline, review of New York work (1990) by Frazer Ward, January
1991 Symphisis in Extremis, catalogue notes by Sarah Miller, November
1989 Symphisis in Extremis, review by Christopher Allen, Sydney Morning Herald, December
Called By Name Of, catalogue notes by Jennifer McDonell,
1988 Deception, review by Sydney Morning Herald, September 1987
A Work As Yet Untitled, catalogue notes by Julie Ewington, December
1986 A Work As Yet Untitled, review by Bruce Adams, Sydney Morning Herald, December
The Selection Show, catalogue notes by Peter Timms, October
The Selection Show, review by John Macdonald, Sydney Morning Herald
catalogue notes by Julie Ewington, October
1985 Two Bodies, review by The Mercury, October 1985
The Sculpture Show, catalogue notes by Terence Hayes and Frances Joseph, July
1984 The Sculpture Show, review by Terence Maloon, Sydney Morning Herald, September


LIVES OF THE ARTISTS, notes on the Liverpool Biennial, edited by Elizabeth Pulie, June 2005
NAVA Newsletter Feb. 2005 (Melanie Daniels)
Iridescent Webs, Masters of Fine Arts document, University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts


2007 Creative Arts Doctorate, University of Western Sydney
2004 Master of Arts Administration, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales
1997 Master of Fine Arts, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales,
1994 Certificate in Digital Imaging, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales
1986-88 Attended Philosophy of the Body lectures by Elizabeth Grosz, Department of General Philosophy, University of Sydney, as an unofficial student
1985-86 Graduate Diploma (Visual Arts), Sculpture Department, Sydney College of the Arts
1983-84 Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts), Sydney College of the Arts
1972-76 Bachelor of Education, Tasmania College of Advanced Education, Hobart


2006 Australian Post-Graduate Award, University of Western Sydney
2001 NAVA, Promotions Grant
2000 Banff Centre for the Arts Discovery Residency
Australia Council New Work Grant
ANAT quick response grant (for Banff)
1997 Australia Council Partnership Grant
N.S.W. Ministry for the Arts Gunnery Studio
1996 Australia Council Project Grant
Adult Learner’s Week nominee, for the Transit Lounge Project (for innovative teaching
1995 Masters Faculty Research Grant, C.O.F.A. University of N.S.W.
Ministry for the Arts (N.S.W.) Viaduct Project
NAVA, Grant Viaduct Project
C.E.A.D. Grant (Australia Council) for the Viaduct Project.
I993 Masters Faculty Research Grant, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales
1991 Development Grant, Visual Arts and Crafts Board, Australia Council
NAVA, Pat Carrigan Award
1990 Artist in Residence, Canberra School of Art, Canberra
1989 Studio Grant, Greene Street Studio, Soho, New York, Visual Arts and Crafts Board, Australia Council
Staff Development Grant, New South Wales Department of Corrective Services. Produced a directory of creative approaches to teaching in gaols. A collaboration with Ursula Maierl.
1986 Artist in Residence, Riverina College, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales


2005-6 Co-ordinated Dillwynia garden project
2002-5 Teacher, Drawing for Digital Media, Brookvale TAFE
Co-ordinator, cross-cultural landscape project, Dillwynia Women’s Prison
2002 Brookvale TAFE
Guest Lecturer, University of Newcastle
Guest Lecturer, Meadowbank TAFE
2001 Teacher, University of Technology Sydney
Teacher, Long Bay, Drawing and Painting
2000 Teacher, ITC Long Bay
Teacher, KvB Institute of Design and Technology, North Sydney
1998 Register of Peers. Australia Council, Sydney
Judge, South Sydney Park Sculpture Prize
1997-8 Teacher (Art), Long Bay Correctional Centre
1996 Acting Senior Education Officer, Long Bay Gaol
1996 Education Officer, I.T.C. Long Bay
1995 Teacher (drawing), Tin Sheds, University of Sydney
Co-ordinator, the Reception Room Project Long Bay Gaol
1994 Tutor, University of Western Sydney (Foundation Studies)
Post-Graduate External Examiner, Sculpture Dept, Sydney College of the Arts
Art Teacher, Long Bay Gaol
1993 Guest Lecturer, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales
Guest Lecturer, Sydney College of the Arts
Tutor, 3D Department, University of Western Sydney
1991 Tutor (Sculpture), Sculpture Department, The College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Sydney
Teacher (Art/Creative Writing), New South Wales Department of Corrective Services, Sydney
1990 Guest Lecturer (Artist in Residence), Canberra School of Art (1987-1990)
Teacher (English as a Second Language), International House, College of English, Sydney
1986-87 Tutor (Drawing), Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney
1986 Guest Lecturer (Artist in Residence), Riverina College, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales


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